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Participant Profiles

Cindi Punihaole childhood photo.jpg
Anna Michel.jpg

Inner space or outer space? A mom or a scientist? This scientist has the drive to do it all. 

An ambassador guiding newcomers into a new relationship with her native Hawaii, Cindi works to embody the aloha spirit.

Rosa photo .jpg
Erin Garza photo .jpg

Erin Garza

When she was small she learned plastic pollution was hurting the animals. Now she hopes to put the tiniest organisms to work solving the pollution problem. 

Rosa León-Zayas

Dedicated to understanding how microbes interact with what's around them, Rosa got her start at a marine research station off the coast of her native Puerto Rico. 

DJ photo .jpg

Dieuwertje "DJ" Kast 

A full-time educator and a full-time mom, DJ models herself after Ms. Frizzle to inspire today's kids. 

Melinda Odum 2 .jpg

Work on the coastline in tropical Belize led her to work on the coastline of frozen Antarctica — building a wharf to allow research ships to dock. 

7th grade.JPG

Lindsay Huerta 

A psych major and science teacher, Lindsay has made a study of how kids learn, of what inspires curiosity, and — along the way — themself. 

José Ricardo moreno

Potions class may have been fictional, but to this wizard, chemistry proved to be the next best thing. 

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