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be part of I Was a Kid

See into someone else's life -- and you may see your own self, your own solutions, even your future. 

The samples you're reading here are all about people working in science. You'll find students, teachers, Ph.Ds, early career people, technicians, shipboard crew, communicators, artists, even a baker. 

If you have any questions about how to become involved with I Was A Kid or to learn more, contact Karen Romano Young at 

How can I get involved?



Yes, you can have a profile of your own. 

I Was a Kid can partner with your lab, institution, or organization to create individual profiles like the ones seen here.  These comic profiles can help you meet your own broader impact, public outreach, and JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) goals. Contact us to learn more about becoming an science partner. Want several profiles? See Create a Capsule...



I Was a Kid works with teachers and parents to get these materials into the hands of today's kids. Contact us to learn more about becoming an educational distributor or partner.

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A capsule is a set of two or more profiles created in partnership with an institution or organization, who are free to use them to meet their own career education and JEDI (justice/equity/diversity/

inclusion goals. Contact us to learn more.  

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become a

Your contribution helps supports the creation of more I Was a Kid materials; expansion to new STEAM areas; expansion to fashion, politics/social activism, and business realms;

and most of all the distribution of I Was a Kid materials to today's kids, their parents, and their teachers without cost to them.

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