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Great Stuff!

Here's a collection of advice, information, and other inspiration for your journey. If there's anything you think I should add, please send links and a note to me at 

 Ideas and Inspiration 

Why We Should Make Useless Things: Simone Giertz's TedTalk

• Matteo Farinella's Cartoon Science library of science comics

International Day of Girls and Women in Science, UNESCO

Women Mind the Water: Pam Ferris-Olsen's stories about women in STEAM 

Science Friday, radio show about STEAM

Nasa Astrobiology, space science comics 

Research about STEAM and JEDI 

STEAM: science • technology • engineering/education • arts/anthropology/architecture/archaeology• math/medicine

JEDI: justice • equity • diversity • inclusion 

•  Mesmin Destin's research on how interactions and experiences shape science identity, personal confidence, and motivation for teens. 

4 Ways to Have Healthy Conversations About Race, Africa Afeni Mills's Ted-Ed Talk

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